Hello Weimar Republic!!!!
  1. Angela Davis on Jean Genet:

    When Jean Genet came to the USA in spring 1970, although it was our first meeting with him, there were many of us Black Americans who
    already considered him an ally because of his play…

    It was Genet who heightened the Black Panther Party awareness to the Homosexual Rights issue. David Hilliard told me that when they were traveling together from state to state, from one university to another, some members of the Party were using very rude and homophobic words to insult Nixon or Mitchell. Genet was hurt by these words and told them they should not use such vocabulary.

    One night, he even showed up at the hotel - there used to be four or five men per room during these trips - dressed in a sort of pink negligee, and a cigar in his mouth. Well, they all thought Genet was going crazy! He had just wanted to bring about a discussion on the similarities between the struggle against racism and the struggleagainst homophobia.

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